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Welcome Idaho Artists . . .

The purpose of "Idaho Artists on The Web" is to give Idaho Artists a place on the Internet to list their contact information and photos of their work. The artist's information is readily available to virtually millions of people all across the Internet. consistently comes up on the first page in most major search engines when people are searching for websites relating to Idaho artists or Idaho arts. If you are looking for a particular artist, simply enter the artist's name in the Search box at the top of each page to find all of the pages on this website where that artist's name appears.

Over 300 artists are currently represented on this website and we continually update this site as new artists are added.

On average, over 1,300 people visit this website every month. Having your information listed on could very well lead to additional sales of your work.

If you are a professional artist currently living in Idaho, we invite you to submit your information now.

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If you will be participating in an upcoming art event, feel free to post the information on our Facebook page.

Kevin McCain
Kevin McCain
Christy G. Thomas
Christy G. Thomas
Creative Writing
Wayne Coyle
Wayne Cole
Delia DeLapp
Delia DeLapp
Jefferson Wood
Jefferson Wood
Graphic Arts

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