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Painting / Fine Art By Idaho Artists

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Len Klikunas
Boise, Idaho
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Len Klikunas

The work is characterized by nearly minimalist two-color 3-D objects, hovering between painting and sculpture, art and architecture. Material is stretched over an artist-made wood framework, like a tent, and painted. The objects don't only refer to themselves, and don’t try to explain everything. The works are presently represented by of Los Angeles, Zurich and Cologne.

Jennifer Bellinger
Jennifer Bellinger Art Studio & Gallery
PO Box 936
Ketchum, Idaho
telephone:  208-720-8851
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Jennifer Bellinger

Oil paintings, contemporary realism including still life, landscape and animals. Jennifer has maintained a working studio in Ketchum, Idaho for over 40 years. In 2012 she opened a studio gallery in downtown Ketchum and represents 8 nationally know Idaho artists.

Kylene Collette
Boise, Idaho
telephone:  208-890-1518
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Kylene Collette

I have a love for all things in nature- be it the fauna, the flora or the landscape. I love color and light, and try to capture my passion for my subjects in my paintings. I am a flexible artist and work in a number of mediums. I welcome any commissions- don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Mike Sessions
Sessions Fine Art
417 Bridlewood Street
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
telephone:  208-573-8408
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Mike Sessions

I am retired and able to devote myself full time to my painting. I am a member of the Nampa Art Guild, from which I derive great fun and pleasure. I am also involved with the Idaho Watercolor Society, The Plein Air Painters of Idaho, and the Idaho Centennial Art Group. I try to paint en plein aire as much as possible . . . join me out there or at my studio.

Jacob Secrest
Idaho Falls, 83401
telephone:  208-757-3582
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Jacob Secrest

Having suppressed painting for many years in pursuit of my education and supporting a young family, I have rekindled my love for art when I painted an "Umbrella Girl" painting for my daughter and saw the joy and excitement in her eyes. Original Acrylic on Canvas & Watercolor/Ink Artist

Laurie Asahara
Eagle, Idaho
telephone:  208-608-0692
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Laurie Asahara

Laurie Asahara was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and grew up within the vivid floral palette of the lush tropics. Laurie's work includes portraits, wildlife, and landscapes in all mediums. She has won numerous awards for her work, and is a Distinguished Signature Member of the Idaho Watercolor Society and a member of the Plein Air Painters of Idaho.

Kiana K. Aston
2718 Meadowbrook dr.
Boise, Idaho 83705
telephone: 208-384-5214
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I was raised in Boise....moved to Hawaii many years ago and began painting all the beautiful places...moved back to Boise a couple years ago and want to share with you some special Historical places...that I love....Kiana

M. Katherine Jones
My Highland Images
P.O. Box 249
Challis, Idaho  83226
telephone: 208-879-3207
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I paint because I must! Landscapes of the beautiful world of nature and expressionist images of inner worlds. My formal training was at Boise State and lessons with Dwight Williams of Boise and D.M. Mackenzie of North Scotland. My images have been exhibited in Scotland, Idaho and Oregon.

Anne Merkley
455 S. Grant
Pocatello, Idaho  83204
telephone:  208-233-5750
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I am fascinated with showing abstraction in realism and realism in the abstract. My media are drawing, painting, and photo collages, my subject matter: people, landscapes, still lifes. I do portrait commissions and illustrating, am represented in many public and private collections, have exhibited widely, and have received numerous awards. I earned a BA in art education and a Masters in Fine Art from Idaho State University; have taught children and adults, high school and college. Currently I give private lessons and also classes through the ISU Craft Shop and the Pocatello Art Center.

Majella Bryan
P.O. Box 166
Star, Idaho  83669
telephone:  208-850-0878
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My work stems from a desire to steer away from conventional realism. At the heart of my efforts is what is best described as the conscious act of grasping what is real and recognizable then transforming it into something else while retaining it's sense of identity. This world lies between the surreal world and the real world with sometimes a mythical sense of atmosphere.


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