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Non Fiction Books By Idaho Authors

Kimberly Wollenburg
Boise, Idaho
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Kimberly Wollenburg - Crystal Clean

Kim is a recovering meth addict with over five years of sobriety. CRYSTAL CLEAN is the memoir of her life as a functioning meth addict and how she was able to overcome her addiction to methamphetamine.

On the outside, Kim seems to have it all. She's a loving mother of a special needs child and a small business owner. She lives in her own home with a man she loves. But Kim also lives another life - a life full of secrets and her secrets are killing her.

"There are precious few things in this life of which I am certain. One is the love I have for my son, Andy... The other thing of which I am certain is this: No one wants to be an addict."

John E. Kent
14409 Chuckar St.
Caldwell, Idaho 83607
telephone:  208-402-4184

John E. Kent

This book is about an LDS missionary who goes to the Sandwich Islands on a 3 year mission from 1890 to 1893. He is there at a critical time in Hawaiian history. The King had just past away and the Queen became the monarch. She would only rule for a few years before being dethroned and a Provisional Government would take her place. It tells of his missionary efforts on the different islands and how kind the people of Hawaii were to him. It also tells of what a wonderful Queen the Hawaiian people had. Through 2 other missionaries journals, newspaper clips and photographs this book unfolds into some great Hawaiian history. Thank You. John E. Kent.

Chan Atchley
Aspen'd Publishing
P.O. Box 855
Ashton, Idaho 83420
telephone:  208-652-3351
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Chan Atchley

Chan Atchley is an Idaho native. His book "The Soul of the Land" is a critically acclaimed story of two brothers (his grandfather and great uncle) and their families. The book brings his relatives alive like an addictive soap opera in their ongoing struggle to own the land. You can read an excerpt, learn more about the author and purchase "The Soul of the Land" by visiting the website

Jane Freund
Freundship Press LLC
PO Box 9171
Boise, Idaho 83707
telephone:  208-407-7457
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Jane Freund

I write my passion and that's been both adult and children's books in print and electronic format (ten so far). I am dedicated to positively influencing lives through friendship, communication and education (and that's my publishing company's philosophy too). I am active in mentoring other writers to success as well.

Ralph Thurston
Bindweed Farm
457 North Ash
Blackfoot, Idaho 83221
telephone:  208-785-4687
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Ralph Thurston

Ralph Thurston writes creative nonfiction. His recent work "No Sage: Essays from the Margin" was a finalist for the 2002 Idaho Book Award. His wife, Jeriann Sabin, paints high quality watercolors and creates inventive book arts.

Cliff Johnson
Misty Peak Publishing
P.O. Box AL
Filer, Idaho 83328
telephone:  208-326-5845
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Cliff Johnson

My book titled "Wrong Side of the River" is a memoir of my growing up trapped in a cycle of poverty, alcohol abuse and violence. When I was 9 years old, my drunk Grandmother left me on a highway. But regardless of our beginning in life, we have the power to control the outcome. It's all about choices.

Nancy Owens Barnes
Rushing River Press
Priest River, Idaho
telephone:  208-448-0833
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Nancy Owens Barnes

In 1926, a 10-year-old Oklahoma boy dreams of living in Alaska. Nearly fifty years later he builds a boat in his Arkansas backyard and cruises it there. He has never been on a boat in the open ocean. A story of courage and endurance, South to Alaska chronicles one man s dangerous journey through a watery world he knows little about, to a world he cannot forget.

Scott Houde
R.S. Houde
1415 W. Brown Trout Drive
Meridian, Idaho 83642
telephone:  208-888-5884
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Scott Houde

My book is finally finished please help a struggling new Idaho writer get some recognition check out THE COMMON MAN'S GUIDE FOR WORKING WITH WOMEN. YOU CAN GET YOUR COPY @

Robert S. Hare
1411 Lake St., Apt. 11
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
telephone:  208-255-1770
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REVOLUTION 2013 by Robert S. Hare nonfiction, advice, trade, paperback 82-pages, $10. + $3. s/h, ISBN 0-9727567-0-1 the new bible, profound aphorisms, artistic inspiration, extreme democracy This philosophy packed, pocket sized treatise contains three parts (MIND, SPIRIT, LIFE) with thirty-five two-page chapters. The front matter includes Acknowledgements and Table of Contents. REVOLUTION 2013 - a must-read, you'll love it!

Robert E. Huckins
6073 N. Castleton Lane
Garden City, Idaho 83714
telephone:  208-321-4583
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My fiction has strong female characters, employs suspense and intrigue and contains a thread of spirituality. Tragic lives are portrayed and a degree of transformation is accomplished. My non-fiction contends with the spiritual equation for living a meaningful life. Samples of my writing can be viewed at under my name Robert Huckins. I direct the Vineyard Writer's Guild, am a Pastor at the Boise Vineyard Church and a member of Christian Writer's of Idaho.



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