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Mixed Media By Idaho Artists

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Kenneth Posselt
330 S. Third Street
St. Maries, Idaho 83861
Telephone: 208-582-2394
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Kenneth Posselt

If you look closely at the example- you will note that the subject is composed entirely of dots-hence the term pointilism. These are done one at a time, this is the consuming! Some timesthe drawing is painted over with watercolor. Generally I work from dark to light with pen and ink, then from light to dark with watercolor.

Michelle Larsen
Michelle Larsen Fine Art
Boise, ID 83716
Telephone: 208-424-7754
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Michelle Larsen

Michelle Larsen is a mixed media artist using tissue paper to create dramatic texture, along with bold color and composition. Michelle is on the cover of ArtVoices Magazine, labeled “Best of 2015” Art Fair International Magazine, “Idaho Artist of the Year”
in TOSCA Magazine, and is currently showing in Jackson Hole WY.

Jennifer Neermann
All Things Art and Jen's Faux Real
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Telephone: 208 569-2521
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Jennifer Neermann

Residential and commercial, we can create any ambiance with our fine wall finishes. Our knowledge and experience (30+years) of color, pattern and textures combined with our client's unique style and design concepts, result in a customized solution that pleases the senses!
Please call and tell us your ideas!

Dani Feige
RR3 Box 273
Blackfoot, Idaho
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Dani Feige

Obtained my BFA from Idaho State University, my MFA from the University of Idaho. Specialize in intaglio etching (and other printmaking), mixed media, artist books, and infrared photography. Interested in possibly doing some illustration work for print (books, etc).

Donna Bernstein
125C Commerce Street Studio
McCall, Idaho 83638
telephone:  208-861-4331
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Donna Bernstein

Much of my work is large and medium scale urban equestrian paintings, "Urban Equines". By that I mean the energy, beauty, and both modern and classic equine form expressed in purely contemporary terms. My pieces are at home in both formal collections as well as the large-scale spaces of modern design. I create a line of purely abstract paintings. My signature style, composed of dynamic lines, bold colors, and the emotional energetic sparked by the element of the formless, appear here as well. I am seduced by the subtle nuances of abstraction that evoke  feeling. MORE ABOUT THIS ARTIST

Colton Reynolds
Doeway, Idaho 83616
telephone:  208-631-1590
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Colton Reynolds

I am a 17 year old artist. My pieces consist of a thick textured paint medium and ballpoint pen on canvas. Instagram: doewayart

Shelley Walden
Shelley Walden Originals
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
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Shelley Walden

I paint to replicate residual emotions, thoughts and expressions in an abstract, dimensional way. I am never fully aware what will come out, my paintbrush is the guide and takes on a life of its own. I use a variety of mediums and techniques to accomplish my desired effect of vibrancy, texture and depth. Each painting is done in detail and meant to be viewed close or far away.

M. Katherine Jones
My Highland Images
P.O. Box 249
Challis, Idaho  83226
telephone: 208-879-3207
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I paint landscapes of Idaho and Scottish Highlands, a few seascapes and inner-scapes of abstract expression. I am a third generation Idaho native living in central Idaho; my heart is frequently in north Scotland I paint because I must!

Amber Conger
PO Box 3531
Nampa, Idaho  83653
telephone: 208-861-7515
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I am currently working in the home interiors field; creating murals, custom finishes, and custom art-pieces. I strive to creative with unique materials & techniques in all the work I do.

Leane Chaffee
Water & The Spirit
3 Mesa Vista Drive
Boise, Idaho  83705
telephone:  208-342-3036
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Leane Chaffee is a native of Boise, Idaho, who enjoys the quiet moments she finds to pause and reflect on the fingerprints of God as she paints and photographs both the intricacies and the grandeur of the Creator's world. She invites you to respond to His gifts of beauty with joy, praise & gratitude.


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