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Mixed Media By Idaho Artists

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Randy Biddle
Windship Studios
10623 W Wild Iris St
Star, Idaho 83669
Telephone: 661-645-5742
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Randy Biddle

A professional builder of models of ships, and expert in repairs of same. Over 45 years in the field. My work is in private and institutional collections from coast to coast. I make one-of-a-kind models of actual ships. My objective as an artist is to "create a compelling impression of the original vessel". Speaking frequently about my research and work, I aim to encourage young artists.

Kathleen Pearson-Brock
Dover, Idaho
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Kathleen Pearson-Brock

Kathleen works in a medium with a technique she's developed on her own. She does not draw or paint from photographs, though she many times studies her subjects utilizing photographs. But when she goes to the canvas there is nothing there but her soul and her imagination, working with great passion and feeling to give you, the art collectors of the world, the essence of what she sees.

Carrie Woomer
Crimson Art House
219 Elmore Ave
Nampa, Idaho  83651
telephone:  208-703-4954

Carrie Woomer

I use various mediums, depending on the piece. My focus is primarily on human emotion and motivation.

Judith Atchley
Aspen'd Publishing
Box 855
Ashton, Idaho  83420
telephone:  208-652-3351
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Judith Atchley

Judith Atchley, award winning mixed media artist is now applying her talents to book cover design. She has conceived and completed all of the art work for the award winning, The Soul of the Land and We, The Shamans

Sherry Link
Artistic Stylin & Creations
2019 S. Atlantic
Boise, Idaho  83705
telephone:  208-860-7427
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Sherry Link

Sherry is an Idaho native who wants to share her talents with others, in the form of paintings and drawings. She will work with customers on a variety of projects, including portraits. Her favorite medium is acrylic painting. Sherry has recently started making jewelry using semi-precious stones and such. She makes earring, necklaces, and bracelets. She will do commissions on these works of art. All are unique.

Kathryn Koozer
Nampa, Idaho 83686

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Kathryn Koozer

Exploring Vision & Perspective to Enhance Awareness - Beyond the obvious fracturing seen in much of my work, some of my pieces simulate color blindness of various kinds, allowing those with normal vision to appreciate the world as others see it.

Ruth Blackadar
Creative Expression
Idaho Falls, Idaho
telephone:  208-709-2622

Ruth Blackadar

I enjoy painting in oils, acrylics, and water color. I enjoy stained glass work and photography.

Elizabeth Murphysweet
hippo on a stick
6 Ogden Ave.
Nampa, Idaho 83651
Telephone: 208-936-3652
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Elizabeth Murphysweet

From where it comes from, is is in the heart, the unspoken, it is my joy and I just let it be whatever it wants.

Delia Ryan
Fire Fusion Studio
2555 W. Breneman
Boise, Idaho 83702
Telephone: 208-850-9064

Delia Ryan

I am absolutely captivated by the radiant beauty of melted colored glass fused to metal. My enamels are a modern take on an ancient art form. See my work at Galerie Belle Ame in Eagle, Idaho 179 S. Eagle Rd 208-938-1342.

Jeremy Webster
4words Studios
2256 Stephen Ave
Boise, Idaho 83706
Telephone: 208-283-1432
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Jeremy Webster

I am a multimedia artist living and working in Boise. I love to paint, animate, design and create music. I am currently for hire and have experience with murals and portraits. I offer graphic design and web services as well and am currently developing an affordable studio space for artists. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


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