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Kimberly Wollenburg
Crystal Clean - author: Kimberly Wollenburg"Crystal Clean" is a Memoir about Meth addiction and recovery.
On the outside, Kim seems to have it all. She's a loving mother of a special needs child and a small business owner. She lives in her own home with a man she loves. But Kim also lives another life - a life full of secrets and her secrets are killing her.
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"Intensity! This book will keep you turning pages as the author tells it like it is. She won't pull any punches. You can't help but admire the devotion to her son and the determination to get clean. Be amazed at how long an addict can function before hitting bottom. It's a must-read for users and their families alike."

"This is a very well-written memoir that I didn't expect to like as much as I did. It is truly a public service to have it available as a free book. I really appreciate Kim's down to earth way of sharing her story, it helps to break the stereotype. Her book made me look at my own judgments about meth and my notion that people don't come back from it after recovery. I finished reading it this morning and it was actually a great Mother's Day read. Her love for her son is touching and so is her parent's love for her. Inspiring and holds your interest, highly recommended."

"Kim is not a stupid woman. She is not a product of a severely abusive childhood. Kim is the girl next door or your daughter's BFF. It's impossible to discern, looking at this unpresupposing person, that she is a hard-core meth addict, a drug dealer of some stature, and a financial force to be reckoned with. Kim unfolds the story of her addiction as it gradually escalates into the active drug under-world of Idaho, introducing us to each successively flawed character with unerring descriptions in graphic detail. Is it possible to hold a love interest based on the love of drugs rather than each other? Can you actually survive a highly elevated tolerance for such a devastatingly pervasive drug and still triumph in a new life? "Crystal Clean" will have you on the edge; you must know if she can pull it off--one more time."

"The author is completely honest about her meth addiction. She tells about neglecting her son, lying to her parents, and being an absolute fool for love--letting a heartless loser squander her money and emotions....We learn about the magnetic and captivating pull of drug addiction --and marvel that anyone ever escapes....This is a very well-written book, one that is interesting, enlightening, and heart-felt."


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