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Ceramics / Pottery By Idaho Artists

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Frank Hartlieb
939 Jones Dr
Pocatello, Idaho
Phone: 208-904-2385
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Frank Hartlieb

Raku fired ceramics has been my passion for over 30 years. My work consists of vessels of all types, decorative and architectural tiles, sculpture and commission work. I have shown my work across the country and it can be found in both public and private collections.

Gary Owens
2785 Eagle Dr.
Ammon Idaho 83406
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Gary Lee Owens

I make pottery that is thrown, stained, and carved. Also, pottery has been a part of my life for the last 34 years. Of course, just as many others, I love the creativity involved with starting and finishing the pieces.

David Roon
Kohaku River Pottery
714 Ridge Road
Moscow, Idaho  83843
telephone: 904-557-8968
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David Roon

Functional fine-art raku pottery - I work part time as a professor in the department of Fish and Wildlife at the University of Idaho, but avidly spin pottery in the interstitial spaces between work and play. Raku pottery has been a prime passion since 1993, when I was introduced to the process during a community course taught by master Raku artist Steve Hemmingway. I emphasize functional forms, with surface designs that link mythology, coastal biology, and ecological issues.

Gordon Knight
Gordon Knight Pottery
Nampa, Idaho  83686
telephone: 208-412-5155
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I dig my clays by hand in the west and northwest United States, cleaning, mixing, and preparing it in my studio. I prepare my own glazes. My pieces are wheel-thrown and hand built, and EACH PIECE IS UNIQUE.

Susie Alvord
2216 White Pine Place
Boise, Idaho 83706
telephone:  208-344-3286
telephone:  208-860-1006
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Susie Alvord

TILE WOMAN is a ceramic art studio in Boise, Idaho specializing in custom designed, hand painted and fired ceramic tiles. We design murals and single tiles for kitchens, baths and entryways or to be framed and hung as art. Each tile and mural is, in a true sense, an original piece or art. Usually three layers of glaze are applied per firing. It's not uncommon to fire five or six times to achieve an effect of deep, rich, penetrating color.

Dwight & Regina Masak
Masak Pottery
456 S. 8th Ave.
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
telephone:  208-478-0100
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Dwight & Regina Masak

For over 25 years, Dwight has been creating his unique shapes on the potters' wheel. Each form becomes a black canvas for Regina. In combination with their vibrant glazes, she hand-paints her original designs to each one using intricate resisting processes.
Working together in their home studio, they pride themselves on solely creating each unique piece from start to finish. Art you can use.

Michael Sowers
Classic Lines Pottery
4212 Emerald St
Boise, Idaho 83706
telephone:  208-331-0803
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Michael Sowers

30 years experience in pottery with BFA in Ceramics from Northern Arizona University. My work is for sale on the web and at the Capitol City Market in downtown Boise from May to December.

Daniel Soho
Soho Creations
4406 Irving st.

Boise, Idaho  83706
telephone:  208-336-3195
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Daniel Soho

Bottles, bowls and Vases are my specialty. Every piece is unique no duplicates.

Marie Hawkins
Elias Portor Creations
606 Bacon Drive

Boise, Idaho  83712
telephone:  208-571-7416


Elias Portor Creations is distinctive, one of a kind, hand painted pottery. Lively in color, filled with life and as useful as it is beautiful.


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